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X Pole Sport

I was just thinking about the fizzled out campaign to get x-pole dancing into the Olympics as an exhibition event – I think the short burst of publicity was driven by the likes of Dancing Poles and their strive for the mainstream.

I actually took the time to youtube a few of the ‘World Champion’ poledancers of the sport – they are not that good really….


And if you compare it to some of the rythmic gymnastics that should be effectively the equivalents then they fall well short of the bar.

So would the level of the dancing improve with all of the money that would accompany it into the Olympic family or would a few second rate gymnasts change disciplines in order to clean the floor with the vertical dancers? One company www.polesport.co.uk has even given their store a name to reflect the fact that it is sport and not an erotic tease!

The other comparison that has been made is with  beach volleyball – I assume the connection is more to do with the fact that sponsors can plaster their logos in tele-friendly than anything to do with any net/pole/beach/stripping connections.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball


The addition of X Pole Sport would obviously  open the way for more semi-talented events that present the opportunity for sposored lingerie.

  1. Undressing for bed
  2. Trying on clothes
  3. Sunbathing

The fact that it hasn’t made the grade as an exhibition event has prompted suggestions that Pole Dance can join forces with other ‘underground’ sports to form an alternative olympics. The main event of which would be the Thai Style Pat Pong ping-pong.




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  1.   Kevin Smith Parr says:

    X-Pole Sport in Olympics.. thats an interesting thought.. we need more glamor in sports to attract more viewers, if that is the thought, X-Pole must be included.. what do you feel?
    .-= Kevin Smith Parr´s last blog ..phone spy software =-.

  2.   namco pools says:

    good video about the pole sport

  3.   Sonny says:

    I believe this activity exists in a Miss Nude pageant somewhere.
    .-= Sonny´s last blog ..Design a Cover Too – Madden NFL in Adobe Photoshop =-.

  4.   james says:

    volleyball girls hands down the sexiest;)
    .-= james´s last blog ..self hypnosis =-.

  5.   Polish translator says:

    My exgirlfriend was a pole dancer and she was great!!! 🙂

  6.   Abed Saragih says:

    Thank you very much for the information you provide

    I hope it’s useful for me and others.

  7.   Evelyn says:

    Interesting views, however I’d rather have seen a full video of one rhythmic gymnastics performance for comparison. A video of a full routine by one performer is never going to look as flashy as a montage of a selection of the best moments of the routines of twenty others…

  8.   Morgeen Smith says:

    Thank you guys thats fantastic! so chuffed as i thought i
    was going to have to get a stand pole! 🙂 cheers cheers
    Today i’ll be bounce around my pole compress lol gotta get my self the best sportswear. 🙂


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