The Brighton Hussy

The voodoo knife holder is just a bit of fun isn’t it? I mean it is just a piece of plastic – that can’t really do any damage can it? So why are some people campaigning to ban it? If you don’t know what it is then see the voodoo knife block and then form your own opinion. The design is kitsch and fun – but there is a campaign to actually get the knife holder banned!! The site voodooknifeblock.eu seems to be able to both campaign for the ban and sell the block ???

Why, because it is dated and perhaps a bit to over designed? Is is because the  thing has clearly been manufactured for people to buy as gifts for people they either don’t really know or can’t be bothered t think about? Both of those are worthy of the campaign but the actual reason is due to the fact that it encourages knife crime!! This plastic knife man makes light of the notion of repeatedly stabbing someone ….

This isn’t a joke – there are actually people out there that are complaining to the police about this object. Is there any evidence for this  – has anyone ever been stabbed and the crime directly linked to the influence of a plastic knife block? My research skills do not go beyond a google search but that tells me that no such causal link has ever been established – but please  comment below if you know of an instance.

The whole thing very much brings to mind the Victorian notion of covering up table leg to prevent men from  turning into beasts and humping each other. If simple glimpse of wood can give wood a knife block that looks like a person can cause you to want to put knives into a real person – I need to test the theory.

If I place the offending voodoo object onto a naked table will the casual viewers be simultaneously thrilled by the legs and put into a murderous rage by the sight of the blades? A frenzy of lust and stabbing could ensure …. crikey!