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Sunday Roast in Brighton


On a typical Sunday, a typical Brightonian will be nursing a hangover head, lying in front of the three-hour-long Hollyoakes omnibus for the best part of the morning and using all remaining brain cells to work out where on earth to go for a traditional Sunday roast.

 We have many, many wonderful pubs in Brighton, it’s true, but there is nothing more disappointing than a roast dinner menu that is just not up to scratch or a kitchen that closes before you’ve even managed to get out the shower.

Too fancy, too rushed, no Yorkshire pudding with your beef (seriously, what are they thinking?), no crackling with your pork (yes, I’ve actually experienced this anomaly) or simply no vegetarian option on the menu which rules out half of your friends.

So, in a concerted effort to put a stop to the tedious-ness of searching for the perfect Sunday roast and actually having to make a decision about something when you should really be resting, The Hussy has put together the top five, best value, no frills roast dinner’s, just like your mum used to make 

Here we go then, in no particular order:



Blenio on Seven Dials, is a modern-European bistro with a bit of a French slant. The staff are welcoming, and nothing is too much trouble for them to organise, they actually really go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect. Traditional roasts of Chicken, Pork or Beef with all the trimmings are served all day Sunday in a really quiet quaint setting.

With white tiled tables, duck egg blue paint and fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs spilling out of the décor, everything here is designed to make you feel like you’re in the South of France.

There is even a beautiful mediterranean-style courtyard which catches the sun at just the right time in the afternoon. The council, otherwise known as the fun police, won’t let you eat out there mind, but it is the perfect spot for a cigarette and a glass of rosé after your perfect roast.

Reservations in advance strongly recommended:

01273 220 220


Hove Place

Just tucked away off of First Avenue in Hove, The Hove Place pub swiftly serves a no frills roast with a great selection of vegetables and possibly the best gravy I’ve ever had.

 Because Hove Place is such a hidden spot it never gets overly busy on a Sunday so you are pretty much always guaranteed to get a nice table, which is exactly what you need if your head is pounding from the night before.

 All traditional roasts are served up until 8pm every Sunday, with good menu options for vegetarians to choose from too, all for under a tenner.

The gorgeous Italian gardens out the back are without a doubt the best feature of the pub catching the afternoon sunshine over lunch, and then gently heated in the evening as the sun starts to set 

For more information go here:


Or call this number: 01273 738 266


The Earth and Stars

Organic pub the Earth and Stars is situated in the heart of Brighton on Windsor Street. With no outside area apart from a terrace for smokers, this pub is the perfect place to wind down and cosy up for the evening.

Served throught the day, the Sunday roast menu carries all the traditional options, each with there own interesting twist. Honey and chilli glazed chicken, Slow roasted pork belly and lamb which has been marinated for 24 hrs. The portions are good too as they promise a selection of seven different vegetables with each meal.

Being an organic pub, the veggies among us are well catered for, with a well thought out menu to choose from.

The pub does get realy busy though, so it’s probably best to give them a call and reserve a table in advance.

Give them a call on this number: 01273 722 879


The Shakespeare’s Head

A local gem and set just behind Brighton train station towards Seven Dials, The Shakespeare’s Head has a range of interesting beers on tap and is covered with lovely fairy lights. A great fun atmosphere in here with friendly staff and good music.

Although The Shakespeare’s Head specialty is sausage and mash with ten different types of locally produced sausages, their Sunday roast is pretty darn good too, offering big portions, good roast potatoes and a great veggie option.

The nice set of picnic tables outside the front of the pub is the place to sit and people watch and stay out late drinking Leffe in the evening. It’s home from home.

This place is a local’s haven and very popular on a Sunday. Give them a bell to see if you can get a table first. 01273 329 444


The Sussex Yeoman

The Sussex Yeoman is a little pricier than your average roast, but well worth the money – this is food that has been made with love. Not many people know about this place as it’s just off the beaten track, but that doesn’t stop it being packed out when it comes to Sunday lunchtime.

The pub itself is tiny, pulling off the right balance of intimate but not over crowded. Just make sure you get here early if you want a table, plus bear in mind that they stop taking food orders a little earlier than the rest of the pubs listed above – so it’s best to ring and check before you head on over.

The roast is done to perfection everytime and the standard of food here is better than most more expensive restaurants.

If the Sussex Yeoman is calling you, then call them on 01273 327 985 to see how busy they are.


Written by Sarah L Sharp

Written by The Hussy


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  1.   paul says:

    Ever heard of the foragers, 3 stirling place ? best roasts in town !!

  2.   The Hussy says:

    Thanks Paul, I will check it out.

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  4.   Joannne Lewis says:

    Hi Hussy,

    i love your site so much im naming my baby after your website name.

    Thanks a bunch,



  5.   Gary Corbett says:

    No Yorkshire pudding with a roast? Blasphemy! Nice idea to review these meals, people need to know!

    And someone naming their baby hussy? Brilliant.

  6.   Karen says:

    The food in Hove Place is possible the worst in Brighton – actually not possibly it is the worst in Brighton

  7.   marge says:

    terrific write up. I will hand this onto my husband so he can have a look. 🙂

  8.   marge says:

    terrific write up. I will hand this over to my husband so he can have a look. 🙂

  9.   kim says:

    oh poel dancing!!
    .-= kim´s last blog ..Panic Free Life =-.

  10.   Samo Haryan says:

    Really, Brington is a good place for living.
    .-= Samo Haryan´s last blog ..Record Online Radio =-.

  11.   Andy Crees says:

    Having gone to the hove place with medium expectations I was pretty disappointed. Weird interior that really needs addressing in parts and doesn’t really work, bad music and generally poor in every aspect. The food was just about passable despite the new ‘award winning chef’s’ apparent best efforts and the waitresses did their best but the place is most clearly flawed by the manager, Damion I believe his name was, who demonstrated a shocking lack of any social or management skill and found it impossible to even make eye contact, let alone apologise for his restaurants shortcomings. To be avoided if possible, I would suggest.

  12.   michelle says:

    Went to the Hove Place, lovely staff but sorry i thought the roast was very average which was a real shameas specifically loomed on your site for advice! Oh well i should have read other commemts such as karens!

  13.   Ashley says:

    Just to add my 2 cents. The Hove place (which recently changed hands and chef) serves one of the best roasts in Brighton for sure. The only downside to this recent bloom in quality is that it is now pretty busy in the mid afternoon and I guess at £10 it’s not the cheapest roast out there.

    Temple bar can also serve a superb roast (although it has been hit or miss recently) as does that little pub down Preston Street.

    Coopers Cask is another great (though v. cosy) with the Farm tavern a few doors up also being a great.

    Blimey there’s a lot of good roasts in Brighton (and Hove).

  14.   Graham Hove says:

    The Freemasons do a wonderful roast, and they even serving POSH veal jus, all for under a tenner.

    Be prepared however for semi-dreadful service. The poor chef, come waiter, is a sweet heart but he struggles with the basics such as seasonings and CUTLERY, yes.

    The lonesome bar lady would help, but she’d only come back to an empty till and bar *slurp.

    I’d recommend *doing* the beef as it’s lush; but give the triple roast a miss as everything starts to taste the same after the second gob-full.


  15.   simon says:

    You have to try The Bell, 15-17 Belfast st in Hove! amazing roasts with a decent portion and 3 veg options. A must for a serious roast lover.

  16.   K says:

    What roasts finish the latest? Looking for one around 7pm this Sunday coming. It’s a birthday treat!!


  17.   K says:

    Looking for one around 7pm this Sunday coming. It’s a birthday treat!!


  18.   XES says:

    Forgte the idea of roast Sunday lunch go for a Chilli Pickle – still the best place to eat out in Brighton.

  19.   Ann Lanza says:

    I read your post in one go, why? I love everything about this vibrant city Brighton. I was there a few years back on my long trip and enjoyed the real life there. I enjoyed Italian and British cuisines and tasted the best wine in Brighton pubs.

  20.   Simon brown says:

    I would highly recommend – Sams in Kemptown or Koba in Hove – both roasts always deliver consistently – but we r spoilt in Brighton for good roasts – other places to check out :- The Chimney House, The Dyke, The Connaught, Noble House 🙂


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