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See Through Toaster

This article deals with the history of hi-tech toasters – but follow this link to compare and buy a see through toaster.



This transparent glass toaster is almost magical in it’s toasting abilities, watch the video to see all of the powers it manages to hide behind see thru sides.





The video above demonstrates the awesome super-powered toasting technology. Advances in kitchen gadgetry like this do not happen by accident they require inspiration and perspiration to make them come to life … here is the story behind this Magimix Visions design classic.

Wonderwoman had a clear, transparent, glass plane – it got her out of all kinds of scrapes. It is a technological travesty that she was forced to toast her crumpets by poking a stick through them and holding it over a fire. Not only was it a bit embarrassing for an empowered superhero to be stuck with such old school technology it also led to burnt bread. What the woman really wanted was a see through toaster to match the transparent plane.

Transparent Toaster

The boffins behind the invisible plane were pressured into using their boffin brains in their secret underground lab to work on the wonder toaster. So much time and money was spent on the project that the US government were forced to cancel the whole female superhero project. It was a full five years before Magimix picked up where the others had left off – the super duper see through toaster was on the right track again. They were slightly distracted form toast projects when they side stepped into a see through glass toilet which clearly was never going to be a big seller. The first model was good it cooked anything form pittas to pop-tarts but was beyond the reach of us mere mortals at $100,000.

Things have come a long way since then and now we can all have access to super toasters. The see through toaster has revolutionised lives across the UK. Not only does it allow you to entertain yourself by viewing your toast through the transparent, heated glass sides. It is also possible to judge exactly when your toast is toasted. Find out the real facts at www.seethroughtoasters.co.uk


The transparent, see through toaster is the best thing since sliced bread!

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