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Leg Scarification

Body Modification

Once an explicit symbol of individuality or conformity to something other than the norm, body modification now appeals to a wide range of people from all social groupings and all walks of life.  Similarly to music, fashion and hairstyles there are trends that appear and disappear and always the outrageous statements that lie on the fringes of it all.  Not being afraid of having a few needles inserted into my skin I am interested in the world of body modification today and what it means.   Tiff Badhairdo from Magnus Opus Tattoo parlour, Brighton helped answer a few of my questions to delve into the world of needles, scalpels and human flesh…

I think there is a fairly standard route of entry into the world of body modification; pierced ears, maybe a nose, lip or eyebrow, with a progression into cartilage and surface piercings (piercings that enter and exit along the same piece of skin e.g. wrist or ankle) later on.  From Tiff’s experience, the tragus (a particular area of cartilage in the ear)  is one of the most popular piercings he performs now and he certainly believes over time that popularity comes and goes for certain piercings as is the case with tattoos. New trends and methods appear over time and in turn grow in popularity as more people exhibit them.

In recent years, those looking for a new way of expressing themselves through the medium of body modification can turn to scarification.  This has become the latest form of body art that grown in popularity.  Like tattoos, scarification is a permanent design achieved through scarring the skin with, most commonly; a scalpel or the use of heat (branding).  Scarification can be seen as a step on from tattooing, it is a permanent modification with the added element that it is raised unlike a tattoo so has a more tactile element. Tiff explained that scarification was always a more ‘underground’ form of body art which is now appealing to a wider range of people, as he remembers a time when there was no interest in scarification at all. Tiff believes a major factor that has brought scarification to the forefront of body modifications is the internet.  Websites such as www.bmezine.com allow the browser to enter into a world of common body modifications or experience a whole new realm of extreme modifications that are definitely not for the faint hearted!  Tiff does acknowledge that some people see scarification blurring the lines too much between body modification and self harm, but when carried out by experienced artists this link becomes weak.  Self-harm has a serious psychological element involved when it is carried out, when someone wants to become scarred for purely aesthetic reasons this does not hold the psychological elements of self harm.


Homemade Scarification

Microdermals are another modification that has recently increased in popularity.  A microdermal displays the combined appearance of an implant (inserting something under the skin) and a piercing.  A single stud is ‘anchored’ under the skin after a small incision is made with a scalpel.  They are a lot less likely to grow out of the skin than regular surface piercings.  This is because there are holes in piece of metal under the skin, so tissue can grow through them and keep the jewellery anchored in place.  Microdermals are being incorporated with tattoos in some cases adding a 3D element to designs and with a far less invasive procedure than involved in a surface piercing.

I have only managed to touch the surface regarding body modification in this article as there are many other procedures that are carried out today.  As much as trends in body modification have changed over the years and have become more widely acceptable in our culture (in my last office job I was often given piercing care advice from my manager!) it is definitely true that those whose bodies are heavily modified are still open to receive prejudice from a large majority of society.  Tiff comments that those who have a lot of visible modifications will usually be limited to working within the body modification industry or within a few other workplaces that will not discriminate.  In this sense there is still prejudice against people just because they choose to decorate their body.  Is this fair?  I don’t think so; unless offensive material is displayed on someone’s body I don’t think it is right to make an assumption about their character purely based on that.  However, it is undeniably human nature to react to those that are different from you and maybe opinions will change over time.  Just make sure if you do get any modifications yourself, get them done professionally and look after them, infected modifications are not so fun!


Arm Scarification

Written by The Hussy


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  1.   pinky says:

    ive 16 tat2s an 14 pericings luvn it ppl

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  3.   richard says:

    i really like the anchor leg scarification, i was wondering if you knew who the artist was?
    many thanks

  4.   Tattoomenow says:

    After you finally make up your mind to get a tattoo, the most important and hardest decision to make are what tattoo design to get and where on your body you should get it at. However, it is paramount to stay away from tattoo trends. This is because there is a very high likelihood that your tattoo design that was once popular will not look so great a few years down the lane.

    After all trends or fads fade out of style all the time. The best piece of advice is just to simply stay away from tattoo trends, unless it is something that you truly want and can live with forever.
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  8.   roryjuk says:

    i hav a few tattoos but like 2 b a little different n mix it up. anywhere in the uk that does gd scarification work?

  9.   Lyle says:

    Cool posts, I really like the theme of your website. I also have a site about tattoos check it out you might find it interesting.

  10.   paige says:

    hey, i want to know more bout scarification, who are the best scarification artists in the uk? or just in general (‘:

  11.   Joe says:

    Eww gross.. O.O 😮

  12.   David james says:

    Hi. I like the look of the scarification work. Been thinking of a way to remove a few old scars on one of my arms. Saw a plastic surgeon who said that there was nothing he could do for me. I was very disappointed. Thought of branding too. Would branding or scarification big enough to cover a scar do it? Would the old scars no longer be visible? I’d very much appreciate it if you could clear this up for me. Many thanks. David.

  13.   Samo Haryan says:

    I don’t understand such people, why do they hurt themselves?
    .-= Samo Haryan´s last blog ..Record Online Radio =-.

  14.   Bombhead says:

    I live in just down the road from brighton in Bognor. Is there an address or any contact details for the person who does scarification?

  15.   hana says:

    I am at University and doing a project on Body Modification, I was just wondering If anyone knew of some parlours in the UK that do scarification, that I could contact to ask some questions about the procedure

    If you do, it would be a great help


  16.   chaz says:

    Does anyone else feel that scarification is just a way to cover up the want to self harm?

  17.   stacey says:

    Hi just wanted to know more about scarification and do u know anyone in the uk what does it

  18.   Shar says:

    my daughter who is a massive fan of ink and adores every tattoo she has nd every 1 has a meaning 4 her, she came across scarificaton and was sickened by this practice, she then shown me this so called ‘ART’ and in no way is this practice any way, shape or form connected with tattooing where the person doing ur tattoo is actually an artist. i personally think this practice is sick, the who people who perform it r sick and the so called sane people who actually have it done need certified and put in a mentle instution. Wot next??????

  19.   Sife says:

    I know this probably won’t be read, but whatever.
    @chaz Yes I think most modifications can be used as an escape from wanting to harm themselves. What you have to keep in mind though is that people who do that won’t pay for it to be done in artistic way. Why would you pay for something that looks beautiful when all you really want to do is match how ugly your persona is on the inside? It all comes down to whether they are doing it to feel more comfortable in their own body, or if they are doing it because they can’t stand their body no matter how they look.
    @shar You can have your own opinions about how your body should look, but your body is a canvas so why not fill it up? Your bitter judgement towards other’s ideals proves you are more emotionally unstable than the people who use self-harm as a way to escape life. Does it affect you when they get it done? No. Maybe you should take a look around you and see how many different opinions there are on body modification. If you still don’t understand me I can clear this up for you. Let’s say you get in an accident, and somehow your face torn is to shreds. Would you get plastic surgery to fix your face? The answer is yes. You would do it to be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t you dare judge people for wanting to look the way they want to look.

  20.   David waters says:

    Hey does anyone know if you can get this in Scotland ?


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