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Molecular Gastronomy is it a thing?

I stepped outside my basic, tinned spaghetti world with a recent trip to 64 degrees… it was an eye opener… and an amazing meal… a very tasty experience…

It’s like they took all of the whizz-bang science know how that goes into making something as technical as the aforementioned tinned spaghetti, but then did it right in front of my eyes – rather than inside a factory on an industrial estate somewhere on a ring-road, probably near Reading.

molecular gastronomy

molecular gastronomy

So, is this what happens when they let all of the mad science brains that currently put there efforts into making the types of packaged foods that form the staples and let them loose outside of a factory?

If you read a molecular gastronomy cookbook you’ll encounter all the sorts of chemicals that are hiding behind the E-numbers that you’ve been busy avoiding because they aren’t natural (let’s leave aside the fact that many of them are derived from natural sources – indeed it looks like most of them are in fact derived from seaweed!) – but somehow because the chemicals are used to make fresh food – rather than to modify and make palatable the food inside cans and packets it’s not just accepted bu desired! So, is molecular gastronomy a thing?

So, I’ved tried 64 degrees – and was mightily impressed by what I ate… so should I be putting my name down for the fat duck?

molecular gastronomy chef

molecular gastronomy chef

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