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Love Music Hate Racism

Love Music, Hate Racism… is it really the simple?

Let us consider some of the other possibilities..

1. Love Music, Love Racism

Nasty people can still have a gentle  heart when it is melted by sweet sounds pouring through their ears.

Take Nick Griffin for example, prior to life on the acceptable edge of right-wing thuggery Nick was in a ukulele band. Coming from a working class family he entered grammar school on a music scholarship and proceeded to read Baroque music at Cambridge. He now denies all of this, but he also denies denying the holocaust, so can you really trust what he says?


2. Love Racism, Hate Music

The Afrikaans despise all forms of music. Their extreme protestant beliefsinclude the idea that music is the devils temptation. Terre’Blanche once killed a man for humming. But you cannot fault his Love Racism credentials.


3. Hate Music, Hate Racism

Some people just hate everything they will never be happy. In fact I would even suggest that a music loving racist would have a more fulfilling life than someone that can find no joy in anything.


4. Indifferent to Music and Racism

This category is unfortunately where the majority of the population finds themselves. More people voted for Susan Boyle than voted at the European elections. Susan Boyle lost and the BNP received 6% of the vote. General indifference all around.


5. Love Music, Hate Racism

Saturday 24th October

Audio Brighton, Five Pounds, 7.30pm

Trenton & Free Radical,-  live Hip Hop and Reggae outfit hailling from  Africa and bringing a strong groove mixed with astute lyrics on living in our globalised world

Lana – who has had plenty of support on BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio 2

Senadee,  featured on the  dance hit ‘Say The Words’ (Ben Gold) which playlisted on BBC Radio 1 for 7 weeks and was single of the month in Mix Mag. He is going to bring his unrivalled vocal and myrical prowess along with his little acoustic band

Written by The Hussy


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  1.   Bollywood Star says:

    It’s very nice post about Love Music Hate Racism.
    .-= Bollywood Star´s last blog ..Aishwarya Rai Wallpapers =-.

  2.   roger says:

    I would consider myself as a man of the world…..Therefore. I accept all that is good and all that is bad. The question still is, what is, as what should never be.
    This is a personal quest, one that only the individual can answer, therefore personal.
    Morals can be set inexorably high in some( of low expierience & as a result questionable content) low in others opinion.( them of all expierience and of questionable content) Morals can be low yet high in others…….What am I saying….?

  3.   Chris @ machine karaoke says:

    Wow, Roger, I have no idea. Sounded cool for a second there…
    As for music and racism, I see lots of irony in the love of music when that music is a symbol for disenfranchisement and it comes pouring from the speakers of the cars the teenagers in my privileged neighborhood drive. Sigh.
    Nick Griffin isn’t the first hater to love music and art…Hitler applied to the Art Academy.

  4.   Cleo says:


    Please can you give me details about the proposed march on sunday 25th April in Brighton


  5.   Pentatonic Blues Scale says:

    Love this site, Indifferent to this post
    .-= Pentatonic Blues Scale´s last blog ..Hello world- =-.

  6.   Billiga LED lampor says:

    I truly believe that you can defeat racism with music.

  7.   viteker says:

    Music internationally, she will win racism. I am sure!
    .-= viteker´s last blog ..wbud-podcast 1 =-.

  8.   Joe the Karaoke Machine says:

    The beauty of music is that it trancends racism and brings people together. Sure there might be differences in personal tastes, but music as an entity is a wonderful gift from whatever force created the universe to make this world more bearable.

  9.   beats sale says:

    I agree with billiga with that and let me quote, “I truly believe that you can defeat racism with music.”

  10.   The Music Digger says:

    “Music internationally, she will win racism. I am sure!” <= Definitely true

    But unfortunately racism is guided by its music as well so we have to fight against this kind of music and spread the music that communicates peace and love even more.
    .-= The Music Digger´s last blog ..HD Videos Download oder online gucken =-.

  11.   Gwen says:

    It’s unfortunate that racism can be spread through music, but music is so powerful that it can be used to strengthen any view. Considering the vast array of music out there at any one time, its amazing that the majority of it is not hateful. I’m just grateful for that. As a child of the sixties, sometimes wish we could go back to the “flowers in her hair” period of music.
    .-= Gwen´s last blog ..Wear Your Diva Costumes and Throw a Diva Party =-.

  12.   video piano lessons says:

    I’d rather love music and enjoy the essence of listening to it. Thanks for sharing some review about this one. Glad to come across reading this post.
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  13.   Entheogen says:

    How can someone hate music? Or even be indifferent to it? Come on, it’s the fuel to the human mind.. 😉

  14.   John1235 says:

    I agree with Entheogen. Without music my life would be really empty…

  15.   organmusic says:

    So, I think, Racism is unambiguous… but music – no.

  16.   s says:

    Music is definitely the way to bond people from differnt cultures and races, seen it many times in ibiza.

    For the love of house


  17.   Skyholes says:

    I agree , music is Live with no Racism .

  18.   Almuslim says:

    Music is definitely the way to bond people from differnt cultures and races, seen it many times in ibiza

  19.   Mr. Radio says:

    Here’s something to ponder:

    Isn’t it kind of crazy to see how people use music like religion? Seriously, consider that people turn to music/religion in almost all of the same circumstances AND both religion and music can be used for love and hate!

  20.   Bexhill Band says:

    I think people do use music for propaganda reasons but for me it’s all about the chill – so I switch onto the groove and off from the politics. We can approach other cultures more easily by plugging into their style of music 🙂

  21.   Tom Jones Tribute Act - Ian Anthony says:

    For me, music cuts across all cultures and race issues. I can listen to music from any country, race, region etc. and love it ( or loathe it LOL ). Music is something that we can all enjoy and the music maker can be any colour or creed, it doesn’t matter

  22.   Morgan Monroe says:

    Much like the 60’s, make love not war, the hippie love childs can teach a lot.

  23.   Effects Pedal says:

    Would love to hear an effects pedal with the guitar in this music. Great to see the music being used with politics.

  24.   MXR Effects says:

    Yeah MXR effects would be good with this music.

  25.   Ben from - The Home of Best Reggae Music says:

    Music has done a great deal to bridge the divides between different cultures, and to promote one love and peace to all people in the world.

  26.   Alexa says:

    I hope that it is the right way. Music is the great think that makes us kinder and may be stronger. Music helps to fight against problems. I believe that music will help to win racism
    .-= Alexa´s last blog ..V.5.4 Classified Scripts Are Now Released =-.

  27.   Amrita Soni says:

    great blog with good information. I am with love music and hate racism

  28.   Sarah Wynn says:

    Yes! I can hear the sweet sounds now…!

  29.   Home Studio says:

    Love music. Write music. Write and perform music that rises above racism.

  30.   Mahesh says:

    Love music and hate racism is common, also people who hate music are generally love to be racist. Still no one in the world that really hates music from his heart.

  31.   club beats instrumental says:

    Life would be empty without music.

  32.   Matthew Bowler says:

    Music has helped a lot to reduce racism in the world and will continue to do so. Music is colourless and is free for any to enjoy.


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