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Cream Chargers

Just a thought for the benefit of the polar bears – nitrous oxide, as contained in cream chargers (in places such as here) is becoming a bigger contributor to global warming, climate change than all of the deforestation in Brazil combined with all of the power stations in China and all of the cars in the USA.

cream chargers

Which is not because of the volume – each little nitrous oxide canister only contains 8gm of N2O but because the gas is such a powerful climate changing gas … so consider this the next time that you find yourself feeling the need for a fluffy whipped cream sundae. Your banana split is killing baby polar bears!

And the other reason that it is such an environ-disaster is because  the people that choose to leave a dispenser just lying around may well find it being eaten by cows – and as we already know the cows are not shy about producing methane – mix a bit of methane with the residual cream-puffing gas and then pass it through the four stomachs and what do you have…. yep, that’s write you metho-nitro- oxide the most powerful temperature changing gas ever created. If a bond villain was going to destroy the planet for a new film then this is what he could use. All it would take would be a box of whipped cream dispensers and a field filled with cows …

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  1.   Tom Jenkins says:

    Simply buy your cream chargers from http://www.creamchargers.org and we will give you free advice on using and disposing of your nitrous oxide canisters in an environmentally friendly fashion! No more concerns!

  2.   Hanamiti says:

    Seriously, cream chargers? I live in Kiev, in the worst part of it called Troeschina. Every day 400,000 people travel by municipal transport and cars to the other side of the river, creating terrible traffic. Tons of gas are burnt, it’s impossible to walk over the bridge from 7am to 10am and from 6pm to 10pm – these are the most jammed hours. You would have to use out millions of those cream things to do same damage as the card do in only 1 day. Be real, man, micromanaging like that won’t accomplish anything!

  3.   Alex says:

    God save the polar bears

  4.   Wabber says:

    Wow… cream chargers an environmental hazard… who’d have thought.

    ps: let me know when you’re letting them loose in the cow field and I’ll be sure to steer clear 😉


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