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Celebrity Gifts

If you like to read about Angelina buying Brad a waterfall then this is the infographic for you. Celebrities are outrageous gift givers (and receivers) and if keeping up with who’s been given what is becoming a bit of a struggle our Celebrity Gifts: A Timeline infographic can help. We’ve plotted the best and worst of presents involving the A-list for the last 100 years on a timeline.

From Chaplin to Beyonce we’ve included it all. There are million dollar bath tubs and ornamental speed boats, you know the stuff, things that celebrities just can’t do without. Ever wondered how many wallabies Elvis gifted away or what types of cars the Biebster received for his 16th birthday (there was more than one) and from who? Then look no further…

Celebrity gifts: A Timeline has all the significant gifty-based moments of the last century in one place, sit back, scroll through, enjoy and wonder what happened to Noel Coward’s alligator.

Celebrity Gifts: A Timeline is presented to you by Find Me A Gift. You can see the original here.

celebrity gifts

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  1.   Wabber says:

    Have to admit the waterfall for Brad Pitt is a pretty cool idea. Great infographic… must have taken quite a while to compile!

  2.   Carrie says:

    Great article! I wonder if Katie Holmes still uses her customized gulfstream jet.


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