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vice magazine To celebrate the launch of VICE’s sparkling new website, VICE.COM, they will be holding six amazing free parties in Brighton, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol, and London. Leeds, Nottingham and Manchester are all in the north, Bristol is in Wales and London is London - so best go tom the ...


underground bingo It appears to show evidence of people drawing on each other and bingo. I think they are smashed and they are probably mates. It is dark, so let us assume it is underground. What more do you need to know?


 Nadege Meriau

Nadege Meriau   Brighton Art: If we turn poppies into art prints, then the Taliban will no longer need to sell them as heroin. Making the world beautiful and safe all at the same time.

Millenium: The Print Collection

Crane Kalman Gallery

26th October



To save you going to the effort of thinking or planning, The Hussy has five suggestions for things to do this week.

1. Get Educated:

Roman Verostko - Artist Talk & Presentation

Tuesday 13 October  At: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton BN1 4AJ Doors & Bar: 6:30pm Artist Talk: 7pm FREEWe are pleased to host a ...


I had mainly been ignoring the Brighton Art Fair. That is because I thought it was just some regional craft fair. But then I received a mail out; a picture of a giant cat with fairy wings. Angela Lizon, Colossal Cats This image is enough to give me faith in the quality ...


Reduce your carbon footprint by attending a chilled out acoustic night. No amps, no electricity, no global warming, happy polar bears. poster Of course "tipping point theory" tells us that we are already fucked and even teeny-weeny gerbil sized footprints can't save us. So, go and listen to sweet tunes. Three bands, ...


Gang Up Magazine want you, (yes you) to help them celebrate their launch. It's never really polite to refuse an invitation, no matter how convincing an excuse you have concocted. So polish up your party shoes and make your merry way to the Old Music Library, for 8pm or just after, depending on your particular adherence to the whole 'fashionably late' ...


What's on in Brighton this week...?

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