The Brighton Hussy

Brighton Yoga

This is the place that has the best teachers and charges the least money…

Can you ask for any more?

Beginners get to learn, learners get to carry on and there is room in there for the competent too.

Classes run all day from sunrise ’till late.

Why wold anybody want to go anywhere else?

Well I suppose it does smell a bit, but maybe that is why it is cheap? Actually it is cheap because it doesn’t make any profit. Aren’t they nice?

The Brighton Natural Health Centre. Go and check it out for yourself.

And if you are that particularly enthusiastic breed of Yogi that thinks that Yoga is not just bending and stretching but a six-limbed creature that needs servicing to prevent it from getting angry and zapping the whole world with its all seeing eye. Drishti. Then there are chanting type activities to keep you happy.

Me, I go for the early morning Ashtanga classes. Every day (almost).

See you there?

Written by The Hussy

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