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Before Qype were on the scene with their user submitted reviews, the relationship between Brighton’s press and media involves congratulatory backslapping leading to heavy petting them frottaging with  happy finishing for all. All except us, the consumer. The media and businesses are left sticky but happy, whereas we are left aching and unfulfilled. Qype UK are doing their bit to redress the balance.

For a short time I took over a phone number from a cafe that had closed. The majority of phone calls that came through were trying to sell me stuff, the most interesting ones were trying to sell me advertising. The offer usually went something like this.

1. I book and advert.

2. They write a glowing review of my cafe.

3. We all jump into bed together for a special massage.

The third point was implied, but not actually spoken. The fist two were a given. Because Qype reviews are written by the public then it’s the public that get to share the love.

The end result of this fine and incestuous bargain leaves both parties sated. But the problem is that it means you can’t trust the reviews you read. Newspapers are obliged to label adverts to differentiate them form news, but at a local level this seems to be ignored and doesn’t apply to magazines anyway.So, other than word of mouth, how do you find out what is good/shite in Brighton?

I have recently fallen in love with www.qype.co.uk it is a user submitted review site. Most importantly it allows everyone to say what they really believe about the service that they use. There is the obvious issue that a venue/cafe/pub could give itself positive reviews but the more people that use the site the more the majority opinion will out.

The idea  isn’t new ( toptable, tripadvisor, yelp, etc) but Qype is tryinget the to involve a social networking aspect to it all, which might encourage some of the FB/twitter fans to join in the fun. The Brighton part of the site has mushroomed since the start of this year.

If you fancy contributing then look me up –  my qype ID is hartingale

Join a democratic movement to kill the advertorials… find it Qype it!

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  1.   tiger poivre says:

    I prefer the hartingale persona better myself, this is pretty tacky – glad you gave up on it 😉

  2.   Polly says:

    perhaps back to the old persona now?

  3.   B. moss says:

    reviews please

  4.   Denis says:

    Great blog! Thank you for good job!

  5.   table light says:

    great article review

  6.   How to make a hip hop beat says:

    I’m a fan of this article! Thanks for posting.

  7.   Pave Graphics says:

    We just signed up to this based on your review, hope it pays off for us!

  8.   lyomena spitia says:

    Excellent review! Great article! Good job!

  9.   Jake says:

    QYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you blog! keep em coming!

  10.   Joe@scarecrow costume says:

    Yes, down with advertorials. Qype is a go for me.
    .-= Joe@scarecrow costume´s last blog ..Scarecrow Prop =-.

  11.   Samo Haryan says:

    If reviews are written by the public the more is the possibility that they are objective.
    .-= Samo Haryan´s last blog ..Record Online Radio =-.

  12.   Whistleblow says:

    How funny that your SEO description (in the source of your page) states, “how does it work, well I used to work for Qype UK and have written 400 reviews”!
    Somehow I don’t trust their reviews any more, or your biased recommendation. Sorry – not if employees of Qype are writing the reviews.

  13.   Laura Palmer says:

    well if you are a bad place you have to invest a lot in keeping the good reviews up. while a good place will get thos e naturally. the competitive advantage might still be with the inherently quality place.

  14.   Steve says:

    In the interests of balance may I suggest that the Hussy mods/admin revive a thread from the archives from last year concerning Qype.

    … I won’t hold my breath waiting though

  15.   The Hussy says:


    I was also following the debate with interest – but thought it might be about to stray into litigious territory and I wasn’t going to invest the time in verifying the if they were genuine, well-founded complaints against the company or simply trolls.

    So I decided the best thing to do was to simply delete the comments – sorry!

    I have seem similar threads on various business forums, so you might be able to pick up where you left off somewhere else.

  16.   Elementality says:

    The problem with small scale media is that they have a small number of advertisers and a small number of subjects to review. So the conflict of interest becomes inevitable. They seem to forget that the reason they actually have a readership is that they trust them to give truthful information. The NY Times doesn’t have that problem because their advertizing revenue comes from thousands of sources and they report on thousands of subjects.


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