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Brighton Naked Bike Ride

Thousands to cycle naked against the environmental credit crunch

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Get”as bare as you dare”

The Level, Sunday 14th June 12.00 Noon

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Part of the sixth annual World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), join thousands more internationally in this growing environmental protest and celebration of cycling and the human body. Public nudity at the event is also a powerful symbol of cyclists’ vulnerability on the road, and the empowering experience of safety in numbers. And let’s face it, without the safety in numbers, you would be alone and naked, on a bike which would feel shrivelingly unempowering at best.

The be-naked or see-naked theory states that the vast majority of people enjoy either wearing no clothes or watching other people in that state. The theory contends that bliss can only be obtained by finding enjoyment in both simultaneously. Apparantly it is something to do with yin-yan, left-brain-right-brain stuff. Or something. This event will be a perfect chance to see where you are placed on the be-naked or see-naked spectrum. It’s experimental.

Nick Sayers, co-organiser of the Brighton ride, said: “The economic crisis highlights that we can’t rely on the authorities to do the right thing. It’s time for people to demand concrete action to reduce carbon emissions and make sustainable lifestyles accessible to all. The World Naked Bike Ride is a welcome reminder that you don’t need a big carbon footprint to get around, and you don’t need credit to have a good time.” He continued: “A recession is a good point to re-think the direction we’re going, and alter course accordingly. However, the government’s response has been to bail out the motor industry and encourage cheap credit to fuel consumerism and the purchase of more cars. We think our money should be used to create a useful legacy by improving the infrastructure needed for sustainable transport instead.”

The local MPs for Brighton and Hove are attending the event wearing only the hair-shirts that all Honourable Members will be forced to wear to avoid a sleaze induced revolution.

All rather serious sounding stuff, but it’s also a bit of fun with a carnival atmosphere.  The ride routes offer participants an incredible “naked sightseeing experience” of Brighton and Hove. 

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 Visit www.worldnakedbikeride.org/uk  for more information and details of other local rides.

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